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The T61 S-type (or S-beam) tension load cell is manufactured from high quality alloy steel and sealed to IP67

For ease of attachment to the structure being weighed, for example a hanging hopper, a range of tension rod end bearings is available. 

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Key features:

  • Capacity range: 50kg-1000kg, 1T-10T, 1klb-10klb (Capacity optional)
  • High quality nickel plated alloy steel, corrosion resistant
  • Fully potted and sealed to IP67
  • Optional 2 mV/V & 3 mV/V sensitivity and 4-wire connection
  • Can be used in tension or compression (not for through-zero dynamic use)
  • Optional high temperature version for use up to +150 °C
  • Polyurethane cable
  • Load cell cable length should be 3 - 5 meter

Typical applications:

  • Suspended tanks and hoppers
  • Suspended conveyors and belt scales
  • Asphalt and concrete batching plants
  • Big bag (FIBC) filling

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